Korda are now a household name for all Carp Anglers. With a keen eye on all aspects of tackle from Bankside brews to serious Braids and Terminal tackle we are happy to announce these new additions for March 2021.

Now doubt there will be more to come through 2021!

See the latest Korda additions here

This UK team design and manufacture high end Marine Grade stainless steel products that are made to last a lifetime.

Admittedly, maybe not for the 'fair weather angler' - but for the serious Carp Angler who wants assurance that their rods pods, buzz bars and banksticks will last for many seasons to come, the JAG range provides the peace of mind and quality required.

The Pro Lite and Stainless range are accompanied by equally well designed accessories

You can check out the JAG range here


The Take Anywhere Rig "How To" Rig Focus.........

Many anglers tend to follow social media these day's and it's very noticeable what rigs people are using. It often makes some rigs look unappealing and like they are a thing of the past, however this is not how Paul looks at rigs and one firm favourite of his is one that he started carp fishing with.

Most of the successful carp anglers fish pretty simple but effective rigs Dave Lane and Simon Crow are a prime example of this "just look at the captures they have had" To date Paul has landed 12 UK 40lb plus carp on this very rig and hundreds of 30lbers so it's certainly not a rig of the past and it certainly is different to what a lot of other anglers are currently using.

In store and available to buy in our online store, these Waterboxes from NASH Tackle provide a lightweight luggage solution to help protect the contents from extreme weather.

Unlike most other luggage the Waterbox is designed to float in case of mishaps at the water's edge. 

Ideal for food, rigs, electronic equipment and bivvy accessories (keep those slippers dry!) the boxes are capable of nesting their smaller counterparts too.

If you've ever been caught out by water making its way in to your gear, then check these out



The first generation of this net was highly sought after by the Predator anglers and this update is bound to follow suit.

Horncastle Angling Centre now have these tough rubberized nets in 60cm and 70cm with extendable handle ready in stock!

Check out the video below


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