Avid Lok Down Adjustable Stage Stand

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The Avid Carp Adjustable Stage Stand is the first of its kind, solving an age-old problem of having unlevel rods.

The beauty of this system is that you can incorporate 1 or 2 Adjustable Stage Stands to create a perfectly aligned buzz bar or single rod set up.

Whether it’s wooden boards, uneven platforms or a wooden sleeper at the front of the swim, you can now get your rods secure and level even when the swim isn’t level.

A single screw is all that is required to get fishing, minimising fuss and increasing fishing time.

The Adjustable Stage Stand features a ball and socket joint in the base. Simply angle the Adjustable Stage Stand in the required position to ensure they are level, then tighten the upper part of the base plate locking the Stage Stand in place.

Even when fishing locked up or to snags, there is no fear of the Stage Stand letting you down.

The Lok Down Cam fitted at the top of the Stage Stand offers ultimate security when your bank sticks are extended.

The studded base helps the Adjustable Stage Stand to bite into the surface, reducing twist and increasing the purchase once the stage stand has been tightened down.

Fully adjustable positioning
Black Aluminium finish
Lockdown Cam System
Compatible with Lok Down banksticks and Avid Stage Stand Inserts
Single screw attachment for ease of use
Studded base to reduce twisting

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