AVID Lok Down Bobbin Kits

Colour: Blue
Sale price£9.99


This Bobbin Kit contains everything you need for effective bite indication, whether you are fishing in the margins or at long range.

The kit contains two line clips. One is a traditional ball clip that allows movement through the clip, while the other is a Ying-Yang design that can either be used free running or pinched to the line for unrivaled sensitivity.

There's a small bobbin head which is ideal for short to medium range, as well as a larger head that's suitable for long range fishing. Two memory-free Dacron cords are also included, as well as a 5g add on weight.

Kit contains the following:

1 x Small bobbin head
1 x Large bobbin head
1 x Traditional ball clip
1 x Ying Yang clip
1 x 6 inch Dacron cord
1 x 9 inch Dacron cord
1 x 5g add on weight
1 x bobbin storage box

Available in white, blue, green, purple, orange, red

  • Can be used with most bobbins on the market
  • Simply screw into the base of your bobbin head
  • Each weight weighs 5g
  • Black finish
  • Supplied in pack of two

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