CCMoore Aquasweet 50ml

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CC Moore Talin / Aquasweet Spray 50ml, Talin is a completely natural sweetener, which is extracted from an African fruit. It provides a highly concentrated sweetness without any trace of bitter after-taste.
This product also avoids an instant, sometimes overpowering rush of sweetness associated with artificial sweeteners, which we believe can make fish cautious and more likely to shy away from baits. Due to the concentrated nature of this product, only small amounts need to be added to pellets, particles, spod, stick, method or boilie mixes, while hook baits can be soaked in a neat solution for long periods where a high-attraction alternative is required.

Include in boilie, spod and particle mixes at up to 2ml/kg (1ml/lb) or add with a carrier liquid at 4ml/kg(2ml/lb) to pellet, method, stick and ground bait mixes.

Tip: Talin is an incredibly powerful attractor that can be added to bait soaks and glugs that are used for re-hydrating.
Huge hauls havebeen recorded in France when using the following mix: 5ml Talin, 50ml Krill Amino Compound, 5ml Ultra Crab Essence, 5ml N-Butyric Acid and 35ml water.

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