CCMoore Live System Cork Ball Pop Ups 15mm (50)1 pot

Sale price£9.99


  • Cork balls wrapped in Odyssey freezer bait paste
  • Guaranties a bite when all other baits fail
  • Distinctively sweet, yeasty aroma &taste
  • Rich in Milk &Fish Proteins, Green Lipped Mussel Extract
  • Includes milk &vegetable proteins, yeasts &bird foods
  • Full of Cream &Corn Steep Liquor Powders
  • Light, sandy colour for better visual stimulation
  • Superb winter bait
  • 18mm Pop Ups - 35 baits per pot
  • 15mm Pop Ups - 50 baits per pot

CC Moore Live System Cork Ball Pop Ups, Made by wrapping Live System freezer bait paste around a cork ball, the appearance of these hook baits is identical to that of Live System bottom baits, making them ideal for use when targeting very wary fish. Storage: These pop ups are freezer baits and should be stored in a freezer unless they are fully air dried after purchase. Please note that glugging or soaking these pop ups in liquid may affect their buoyancy.

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