CCMoore NS1 Pop Ups White 14mm (35)

Sale price£6.99


Incredibly attractive, hi-viz colours
Long lasting buoyancy
Infused with potent flavours & attractors
Durable enough to withstand nuisance fish
Good for tipping baits, single hookbait, snowman rigs

The design of the Northern Specials Ns1 Pop Up baits has spun an original twist on a recognised and successful form of bait presentation, making them even better than they ever were before and a brilliant addition to your terminal tackle. If you have reaped the benefits of pop up baits before, you will love these. Straight away you notice the incredibly attractive hi-viz colours of these baits; pink, yellow or white, it’s hard to miss them. After you’ve cast them out onto the water, you’re carp will be able to spot them easily. Their colour isn’t the only thing that will last as they have been specially designed for long lasting buoyancy, too. So, even if the carp are particularly scarce in your session, these baits will stay afloat and attract fish for a long time.

The most important factor of bait is of course how attractive they are to fish, and these pop up baits certainly don’t disappoint in that department. They have been carefully infused with potent flavours and attractors to make them absolutely irresistible to fish, especially carp. The distinct aroma of the Northern Specials will get the fish swimming straight for your hookbait and will stimulate them to feed even in the most hostile conditions. Each pack is supplied with a sachet of booster liquid which you can use to increase the potency of these baits even further. By giving them a coat of the booster liquid and letting it dry in before use (to preserve the buoyancy of the bait), there’s no question about the amount of fish that will be heading straight for your rod.

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