CCMoore Pacific Tuna Shelf Life 18mm 1kg

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High solubility and digestibility even in cold water conditions
Powerful, rich, long-lasting natural taste
Open texture for rapid diffusion and maximum attractor leakage
Strong, distinctive, highly attractive savoury aroma
Rich in nutrients and amino acids derived from high quality proteins
Contains Haiths Robin Red, Tuna, shellfish and vegetable extracts
Contains the same ingredients as the matching freezer baits
Except for 20% liquid egg replaced with a high energy mould inhibitor

CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna Shelf Life Boilies combine high solubility and easy digestibility to create a boilie that offers powerful attraction with a long-lasting, natural taste, while the open texture allows scent and attraction to leak off and diffuse rapidly through your swim, drawing fish over to your hook.

With a distinctive savoury flavour that appeals to coarse fish of all species, the Pacific Tuna boilies are rich in nutrients, amino acids, and high quality proteins that fish will love.

With a blend of Robin Red, tuna, shellfish, and vegetable extracts, these shelf life boilies include the same ingredients as the freezer mix, but with the inclusion of mould inhibitor in place of the 20% liquidised egg that is in the freezer version.

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