CCMoore Smoked Salmon Oil 500ml

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This exclusive, uniquely formulated fish oil blend has a beautifully smoky and oily-fish profile that adds a highly attractive aroma and taste to baits. Being based on a winterised salmon oil product it is particularly effective from the spring through to the autumn and makes an energy-rich, feed inducing booster for boilies, hookbaits, floaters, spod and bag mixes. It is also PVA friendly.

This devastating blend of marine oils, extracts and attractants combines to make a highly effective, energy-rich booster liquid which has been designed for use on Spod, Bag and Stick Mixes.

Being a blend of marine derived products, Smoked Salmon Oil supplies valuable omega fish oils in addition to a natural, appetite stimulating taste and aroma profile. 

Smoked Salmon Oil Properties:

  1. Rich in valuable antioxidants such as omega fish oils
  2. A concentrated natural energy source
  3. Distinctive smoked fish aroma that stimulates strong feeding 
  4. Deep, natural, confidence building oily-fish taste
  5. Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
  6. Excellent loose feed additive that rises through the layers of your swim 
  7. Superb for boosting the attraction of spod, bag and stick mixes.
  8. This product is over 90% oil – completely PVA friendly

Usage Tip: 

Simply pour some of this incredible feeding stimulant into your bag or loose feed mix and watch the phenomenal response. This liquid has no limit to its inclusion level and is 100% PVA friendly so is ideal for use in PVA bags and sticks.

Customer Guidance: 

This product should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. 

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