Century c2 mk2 12ft 3.25 command+control

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Century C2 12 325 COMMAND & CONTROL ROD


The Master’s Rod

The C2 is a generational leap in technology that radically closes the gap on the oldest conundrum in carp rod design:

Distance and Playability

The Century Command & Control (C2) carp rod is manufactured in the UK using a carbon fibre pattern architecture that utilizes several grades and types of fibre – each balanced and honed to generate performance. The patterns are precision cut on a Swiss CAM cutting machine for accuracy and reproducibility. We apply our Autoclave Technology process to cure the reinforced epoxy resin matrix which results in what we call HPR – High Performance Resin.

There are two primary material component parts to the structure of a fishing rod blank: the carbon fibre and the resin system. The fibre governs the action of the rod and the resin system carries the load between the fibres. Century’s special advanced low density reinforced resin system delivers considerable additional strength to the rod.  Testing indicates incorporating this system gives a rod that is stronger and lighter and that will withstand a far higher level of bending and loading compared to a rod built with a conventional resin system. When this system is processed inside an autoclave – a rod curing process which is unique to Century in carp rods, the results are further enhanced. This combination of new resin technology and enhanced curing in an autoclave generates a rod that will resist fatigue and action decay, give substantial improvements in strength and resistance to accidental knocks far more than conventional resin systems. Finally, complete traceability on all raw materials and the manufacturing process is maintained through our strict quality and environmental management systems.

The C2 range features our special anti twist technology – the placement of very fine grades of ultra high strength carbon fibre to assist in accuracy. The C2 is also the first carp rod where we have had the material resources to concentrate extensively on the rod’s Moment of Inertia (MOI):

MOI is resistance of a rod to rotational acceleration. The greater the MOI of a carp rod the more force is needed to cast that rod. It can be calculated using the rod’s total length along with each section’s mass, length, and mass centre distance. Using Century’s proprietary algorithms and HPR we have kept MOI numbers to an absolute minimum thus increasing the rod’s potential by efficiently converting imparted energy to distance.

We have fitted all C2’s up with a lightweight ALPS reel seat and recommend Fuji K guides. The size 40 Fuji K guide pattern remove the requirement for the traditional size 50 guide configuration. All our testing and that of Fuji show these guides perform superbly – particularly in cross winds. Century and Danny have established new fixed spool world distance records on this guide style and pattern.

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