Century Carp NG 12 350 Carp Rod - Abbreviated (size 50 guide)

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NG 12 350 Carp Rod - Abbreviated (size 50 guide)

If you are a specialist – you will certainly have come across or heard of Century NG carp rod. The design has a heritage based on many years of success and in the current guise Century NG+ incorporates many small improvements which add up to probably one of the best all round carp rods ever made.

Over the past decade there have been several technical advances in composite fibre and resin matrix technology and the best of these have been incorporated into the NG. The carbon patterns are cut using a CAD CAM machine that holds extremely tight tolerances and this ensures the action and T/C is faithfully reproduced from rod to rod. Additionally NG’s are subject to our Autoclave Technology curing process which significantly reduces test curve decay. New to the latest generation of NG’s is Century’s Anti Twist Technology – ATT – which involves winding very fine carbon fibre prepreg around the internal circumference of the blank which radically assists ring alignment during the cast. We have used this technology to generate the longest casts ever made with a rod at International tournaments.

fitted with Black Aluminium Butt Cap which has been laser engraved with a white Century logo. The overall rod weight has been reduced for 2015 by using the Century 1k twill reelseat which has Black Fuji hoods and Black collars to match. The full shrink handle has the logo printed above the reelseat and the abbreviated handle has the logo printed below the reelseat both with a discreet metallic blue tipping either side of the new NG logo. There is a woven 2k-2k carbon below the reelseat (only visible on abbreviated rod) and 1k-1k carbon twill above the seat – up to the first ring on the tip. The surface finish is matt and sealed with PTFE/Silicone

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