DELKIM Smart ClipTM - Multipurpose line clip

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Unique multi purpose line clip
Can be used as a conventional fixed clip
Can be used as a running clip
Enhances bite indication
Simple self-adjusting design
Fits any rod
Pack of 3

Delkim Smart Clips

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose alarm line clip to use with an alarm and bobbin set up across the fishing disciplines you need look no further! The Delkim Smart Clip can be used as both a free running clip and a fixed clip, in multiple configurations. With an innovative ‘O’ ring fastening, this line clip can be attached to any rod in any position. This stops you from getting flat spots on your line, as you might get were you using other line clips. It also allows you to effectively adjust the weight of your bobbin, ensuring it remains a consistent weight as it travel right up to the rod itself. By moving the line clip closer to the line you can create an almost weightless effect. Moving the line clip further away from the alarm will effectively make your bobbin heavier – so you can pick your preferred position and stick to it or you can adjust positions each time to create a unique angling experience. Not only this, but by placing it right next to your reel it allows you to fish with an open bail arm – perfect for pike fishing.

The line slots neatly into the clip through two sprung stainless steel ball bearings. This ensures that the line is never damaged when inserted or released from the clip. To create a fixed line effect, you can simply hook your line through one of the ‘blades’ on either side of your line clip. Your line can be clipped through the front blade, back blade, or both blades, in multiple configurations – giving you optimal versatility.

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