Des Ship Chianti Pole Float Rigs

Size: 4x10
Sale price£4.25


The Des Shipp's Commercial Pole Rigs are a range of high-quality pole rigs for use on modern commercial fisheries, covering most types of commonly used presentations. This rig is constructed using premium P.I. components including the Des Shipp range of floats, Reflo Power line and Stotz shotting to ensure durability and reliability. Ranging from four options, it comes in four different float sizes of 4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16.

Although hook sizes, rig lines and hook lines vary in size depending on what sized float you choose, each rig is expertly tied and supplied on a high-quality double slider winder. You can be reassured that Preston has designed all the line diameters and hook sizes to be carefully selected for each pattern, offering sensible and balanced performance, making these ready to fish rigs.

Already a hugely popular pattern the Chianti is an all-round float suitable for a range of baits and situations, its slim profile and cane tip make it perfect for fishing through the water with strung out shotting patterns. Ideal for winter F1s and silverfish.

Float specifications include a tip diameter of 1.0mm to 1.7mm and the material of the tip is cane. The body of the float is 100% Rohacell foam. It's one of the strongest materials you can actually make a float body out of. This makes the float last longer. The float is also toughened with a gloss finish. The Chianti is one of Des Shipp’s all-time favourite floats, making it a popular choice to many match anglers tackle.

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