Des Ships Pole Rig Inline Diamond 4 X 18

Sale price£4.25


The Inline Diamond is the definitive big fish float, designed to be fished on the bottom in deeper water. The broad body of the float is super buoyant and is the widest in the range, coupled with a glass stem the Inline Diamond is capable of bite indication when fishing on the deck in the deepest of water.

Above the Rohacell foam body the hollow plastic tip measures 2.2mm in diameter and is finished in hi-vis orange, underneath the body a sturdy glass stem sits below the water.

The rig is tied with 0.17mm, 6lb 12oz Reflo Power mainline and a 0.15mm, 5lb 14oz hooklength, a size 16 hook and is sold as a 3m rig length.

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