DNA NUTTA-S 15mm CORKER Pop Ups 250ml

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Utilising cork granules/pop-up mix and a unique powder blend which includes all the goodies from the relevant base mix, these are DNA's ultimate food-bait pop-ups.
Why use a pop-up that is giving off different food signals to the bait you are using?

They aren’t quite as buoyant as a true airball pop-up due to the amount of soluble goodies we’ve crammed into them, but you should expect a 15mm bait to stay up all night on a standard rig. If you require a longer time than this, we would suggest either corking them out or alternatively using the 18mm versions, which will stay buoyant for days. The baits are available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm.

Approx. 100gms per pot.

The ultimate food-bait pop-ups.
Use a pop-up that is giving off the same food signals as the bait you are using.

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