DNA SECRET7 HalfTones (Mixed pink and white) 12mm FLUORO Pop Ups 200ml

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These highly attractive and visible hookbaits have an unrivalled buoyancy, nutritional profile and physical structure and packed with high levels of attractors, betaine and unique, carefully blended flavours. Each pop-up has also been enhanced by the addition of a hi-viz colour. Each colour is extremely bright and creates a strong visual signal that matches the level of attraction produced by the appetite stimulants. With a soft and spongy structure, these pop-ups can easily be mounted by piercing or tying them on to a hair and can be easily trimmed to create a critically balanced bait of an unusual shape.

Available in seven superb flavours, we believe we have all the bases covered when it comes to finding that extra bite on the hardest of days.

Approx. 50 x 15mm baits per pot.

Secret 7 Half Tones –You asked for it, we delivered! Through much trial and tribulation, we have managed to incorporate the optimum levels of liquid food used in our freezer baits and combine it with our super-buoyant airball pop-up mix! All this together with slightly elevated flavour levels make the Half Tones a fantastic target hookbait, either fished over matching freebies or on their own. They come in two sizes, 12mm and 15mm, with the 12-millers being suited to low-lying pop-up rigs such as the Ronnie rig or as toppers for your snowman rigs, and the 15-millers being perfect for chod rigs or hinged rigs when you want to use a larger hook. Each tub comes with a mixture of fluoro white and half-toned pink hookbaits, which have the perfect texture to be either tied or threaded on to your rig.

Secret 7 Half Tones contain Krill and Molasses, as well as the familiar orange and peach flavouring.

Mixed tubs of half-tone pink and white baits are available in either 12mm or 15mm sizes.

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