DNA SECRET7 HalfTones (Mixed pink and white) 15mm FLUORO Pop Ups 250ml

Sale price£6.25


Approx. 50 x 15mm baits per pot.

Secret 7 Half Tones – Through much trial and tribulation, DNA have managed to incorporate the optimum levels of liquid food used in DNA freezer baits and combine it with their super-buoyant airball pop-up mix! All this together with slightly elevated flavour levels make the Half Tones a fantastic target hookbait, either fished over matching freebies or on their own. They come in two sizes, 12mm and 15mm, with the 12-millers being suited to low-lying pop-up rigs such as the Ronnie rig or as toppers for your snowman rigs, and the 15-millers being perfect for chod rigs or hinged rigs when you want to use a larger hook. Each tub comes with a mixture of fluoro white and half-toned pink hookbaits, which have the perfect texture to be either tied or threaded on to your rig.

Secret 7 Half Tones contain Krill and Molasses, as well as the familiar orange and peach flavouring.

Mixed tubs of half-tone pink and white baits are available in either 12mm or 15mm sizes.

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