DNA SLK 1kg - 18mm Shelf Life Baits - boilies

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Hand rolled freezer bait. Shrimp, Liver, Krill. The ultimate carp food!
SLK is derived from the main ingredients used during production: Shrimp, Liver, Krill

DNA aimed to create another complete food bait (like the MaltX) but with a totally natural angle to it. The FLAA (First limiting amino acid) has been addressed creating a bait with a Digestible protein of 42% (remember, a carps optimum protein requirement is actually around 35-40%) and optimum levels of lipid/fat sources this ensures the carps dietary needs are met, year round. There are no synthetic flavours in this bait as one of the keys to the incredible success of this bait is down to it is completely natural make-up.

The attractors are yeast extracts and liver powder along with a unique blend of natural salts and spices. All are proven olfactory and gustatory stimulants in carp and have long been used in the Koi industry for these exact purposes. The main protein source in the bait comes from the superb LT94 combined with hydrolysed fishmeal. Krill is also included to improve the attractor profile through it is high levels of cantaxanthin whilst adding useful EAAs. Some Vitamealo is also added to not only provide some useful fats but to also improve the palatability. Any essential vitamins not already supplied through the ingredients already present in the bait are assisted by the inclusion of a high grade kelp powder. A small amount of CLO and maize protein have been used to add texture and make the bait more user/ throwing stick friendly whilst also adding essential vitamins and minerals. Some vegetable proteins are also included to balance the fat levels out in the bait. As with all our baits we like to compliment the base mix with a liquid food during it is make-up. This is no different and a pure liquidised Shrimp blended with Liver liquid and Krill hydrolysate plus a small amount of cod liver oil do this beautifully, creating a fast leak off of water soluble attractors.

The bait in its present form is probably unique in that it is immediately highly attractive yet extensive testing has shown it will carry on working in the long term. There is nothing in this bait to blow and it is sure to be accepted fully by the carp as a sole food source with the correct application.

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