DNA THE SWITCH 4mm Pellets 1kg

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Based on a high-quality, low-oil 38% protein pellet, with the matching Liquid Food liberally applied to them during their manufacture. DNA wanted to make sure that they spelt ‘food’ to carp in the same way that the freezer baits do by emitting a varied release of attractive amino acids during their breakdown. This comes from not just the Liquid Food, but also the soluble, powdered attractors used in the coating process. In testing these pellets evoked instant responses from carp (and also most coarse fish!) even in the Arctic conditions. If you are using the DNA range of freezer baits this season, you NEED to get on these. If you are not using our baits get on them anyway, as they will improve your catch rate alongside any boilie… guaranteed!

Available in 4mm and in 1kg and 5kg bags.

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