DT Cold Water Green Beast 15mm Pink Wafters

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For the wary cold water fish - a washed out white 'safe' looking bait - a combination of a specific berry fruit with a high acid profile, and a vapourous menthol note, the flavour disperses brilliantly in the coldest water.
DT Baits' Cold Water Green Beast is formulated to catch carp, even in the coldest conditions. Containing the finest quality, ultra soluble flavours and attractors to ensure they continue to leak attraction when the water reaches its lowest temperatures, Cold Water Green Beast is the go-to choice for the dedicated angler wanting to make the most of those short, but often prolific feeding spells that occur through the winter.
Based on our Cold Water Base Mix with its round and creamy profile, we then add the aroma of high-acidity, summer berry fruits and a subtle hint of menthol by way of our legendary Green Beast Flavour.
Renowned for continuing to catch carp through the winter months, Coldwater Green Beast has earned an unparalleled reputation.

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