Duo Floater Hookbaits 12 x 14ml

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Knowing the challenges and concerns faced when floater fishing, each pot of these specially designed 12 x 14mm hookbaits contains two different coloured hookbaits to give the angler two outstanding hookbait options.

Floater Hookbait – 

The lighter colour hookbaits in this pack perfectly match chum mixer type biscuits and our own 11mm Floating Trout Pellets which have been so successfully used by floater anglers over the last 20+ years.

Pellet or Floater Hookait – 

The second, darker colour hookbaits in this pack are considerably darker than the mixer type and ideally match trout and Betaine pellets which can be used as buoyant ‘pop up hookbaits’ fished on or close to the bottom. Furthermore, they also make superb floater hookbaits which can fool even the wariest of fish as they often look like a natural food item floating around on the surface when seen by fish looking up from below.

Also designed for use in conjunction with any loose feed which is delivered in PVA bags or sticks, these highly attractive, durable pop up hookbaits are soaked in our secret, fish-oil based syrup to make sure they release powerful feeding triggers to all layers of the water.

Duo Floater Hookbaits can be trimmed into various shapes to give them a unique appearance that can make all the difference!

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