Dynamite Baits Big Fish KRILL Floating Pellets 11mm 1.1kg

Sale price£7.45


The best quality floating 11mm pellets
Designed for surface feeding
Krill and Sweet Tiger have added colour and attractant
Three flavours available
Natural Fishmeal, Sweet Tiger and Krill

Ideal for carp or specimen anglers, the Dynamite Baits Big Fish floating pellets are designed for surface fishing as they bring big river feeders to the top of the water, aiding your catch. The pellets are of great dense quality, measuring at 11mm.

The pellets come in 1.1kg bags, so you get plenty of bait for multiple sessions. Dynamite Bait anglers recommend baiting likely areas to keep an eye before you even set up your swim, in addition to putting big handfuls of floater pellets in rafts of weeds, scrum and snags, you can give the carp a few freebies of the floaters before hooking the fish.

The Big Fish range includes three flavours that are proven to help you succeed. You can choose from the Natural Fishmeal, Sweet Tiger and Krill. The Krill and Sweet Tiger versions have added colour and attractant to stimulate surface feeding, where the Natural Fishmeal sticks to the organic colours that carp love.

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