Dynamite Baits Durable Hook Pellet 4mm - Betaine Green Tubs

Sale price£3.65


Packed with attractants and feed triggers
Fish-friendly low oil content pellets
They have a consistent body shape and size
Rich, rounded sweet aroma and flavour
It will attract big fish under all conditions
Supplied in 900g bags
These pellets can be used in PVA bags/sticks
Or as spod/Spomb to create an attractive carpet of feed

Packed with attractants and powerful feeding triggers, these Monster Tiger Nut Pellets from Dynamite Baits are available in a 4mm or 6mm options, and release a rich, sweet flavour that’s fish friendly, and a great option in PVA bags, as well as spod and stick mixes.

Powerful pulling potential ensures that big fish come into your swim, while the feeding triggers released from these dynamic baits keep them there, and keep them biting.

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