Dynamite Baits Swim Stim F1 Groundbait 800g

Sale price£5.25


A sweet and creamy blend of all season attractants
Low feed content Groundbait, made with Koi technology
Designed to draw and hold F1s in your swim for longer
Ideal for winter/spring use or on days when you dont want to overfeed the fish
Easy to mix and creates a fish attracting cloud in the water
Made to help draw and hold F1s or silverfish to feed
Feed via pole or use on the feeder
Available in the UK only

Designed with a blend of sweet, creamy attractants, this quality groundbait from Dynamite Baits will get you all-season action with commercial F1s, drawing them to your swim and holding them there, in a bait style that ensures fish are never overfed, so are always ready to take your hookbait.

A dynamic choice for fishing in winter and early spring, the sweetness of this groundbait virtually ensures that sluggish, sleepy fish consider it a choice worth waking up for.

Only available in the UK, this easy to mix bait works well in a feeder, making it a great choice for pole anglers on any venue.

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