Dynamite Baits Tigernut - 12mm Boilie 1kg

Sale price£12.45


Unique sweet, creamy, nutty & fruity aroma
Pink colour
All Season Attractants
Contains fruit flavour, tiger nut flour & milk, sweet vanilla
Supplied in resalable zip lock bags

The kilo bags are in resalable zip lock packaging meaning you can keep your bait fresher for longer. Shelf life available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. Freezer baits in 15mm and 18mm. For baiting campaigns the boilies are also available in 5 kilo bulk bags at a discounted price. Shelf life in 15mm and 20mm, freezer baits available in 15mm and 18mm. Super buoyant 15mm Pop Ups are also available, including a free liquid booster bottle. If you are looking for a liquid booster we would recommend using the Tigernut liquid and Concentrated Dip with the Red-Amo.

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