ESP Onyx Compact Big Pit Reel

Sale price£139.00


Machined, anodized long cast taper spools
Shallow - for 300m of 15lb (0.37mm)
Ultra Shallow - for 300m of 12lb (0.33mm)
Slow oscillation ensures exceptionally smooth line lay
Two interchangeable drag adjusters
Quick fold handle for speedy setup and pack down
Also allows the handle to be folded for snug rod setups
Stainless steel line clip for secure damage free clipping up
7+1 stainless bearings, machined gears and a 4.8:1 gear ratio for fast retrieve
(approximately 0.95m per rotation of the reel handle)
Rotor brake &Front drag grit guard
Easily accessible large anti-reverse lever
Stylish matt black finish with subtle silver decals

Introducing the baby brother of the original ESP Onyx reel, the new Compact version features all of the same excellent technical attributes of the original, but in a smaller, lighter unit.

Featuring a sleek, understated black livery and diminutive in size (similar to a 5000 Emblem) when compared with the original, it comes with two bespoke anodised aluminium spools, Shallow, designed to accommodate 300m of 15lb (0.37mm) and Ultra Shallow for 300m of 12lb (0.33mm). This means that three reels can be filled from a 1,000m bulk spool with minimal waste.

The solid foundation provided by the shallow spools where no spongy backing is required and slow oscillation result in exceptionally good line lay with no bedding in, ensuring optimum casting distances can be achieved.

A gear ratio of 4.8:1 provides a fast retrieve of 0.95m of line with every turn of the handle. The Compact is supplied with two different drag adjusters FD (Fine Drag for micro adjustment) and RL (Rapid Lockdown for free running to locked down in around half a turn). Another desirable feature is the quick fold handle with a dark wood paddle, for rapid deployment and pack down, which also allows the handle to be folded in use.

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