FOX Edges Camo Armadillo - 40lb

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Manufactured from woven Dyneema
Ultra-hard-wearing braided line
Perfect for use as a shock/snag leader
Also great as a heavy-duty hooklength
Benefits from new and improved colour break camouflage
Designed to suit a wide variety of lake and river beds
Available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb
20m per spool

The Edges Camo Armadillo is as tough as lines come, manufactured from woven-Dyneema material, to create an ultra-hardwearing braided line. This makes the product perfect for use as a shock/snag leader and also great as a heavy-duty hook-length/ hook link for cat rigs and is great for distance casting or when fishing snaggy venues.
All of the range's gizmos has been designed in conjunction with the Fox consultant and underwater diver: Rob Hughes. Fox has since improved the colours and appearance such as the Edges Camo Armadillo's colour-break camouflage. This piece of kit now suits a wide variety of underwater habitats and best matches a whole host of different lake bed make-ups because it has been designed to achieve the same colour changes and to disguise its presence when on the lake bed.

The Armadillo is also available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb breaking strains per spool, and comes on 20m spools.

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