FOX EOS Barbel Specialist Rod 11ft 1.75lb

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The Fox EOS Barbel Specialist 11ft Rod is designed with smaller barbel fishing in mind, the 11ft rod with a test curve of 1.75lb is ideal for your next session on a stretch of river. The Fox EOS 11ft rod is equally adept when targeting chub or bream. The rod is a two-piece construction and has an optimal line rating of 6-10lb. 

The EOS Barbel Specialist rod sports a powerful through action, thanks in part to its low resin carbon construction, which is also lightweight, an added benefit of a 11ft rod is that you can fish from swims with densely packed foliage, where a 13ft variant would be cumbersome. Shorter, 11ft rods are ideal for smaller waters when a short chuck is all that’s needed to fish your chosen swim, a narrower up stream stretch of river is a prime location.

The blank, which is finished in a matte black and is subtly branded with a gold ‘EOS’ logo, is lined with Fox Slik guides and a top-quality DPS style reel seat featuring gunsmoke cappings, which is sure to minimise any lateral movement experienced whilst playing a fish. Either side of the reel seat is a high-grade cork handle giving the rod a retro look and feel. 

If you’re looking for a multi-use 11ft rod to keep in the back of the car for fishing on narrower rivers and smaller stillwaters the Fox EOS Barbel Specialist 11ft Rod is the perfect match for your fishing.

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