FOX Horizon X5 12ft 6in 3.5lb abb

Sale price£349.99


Featuring a sleek black blank and understated graphics, the Fox Horizon X5 Abbreviated Rod has a shorter butt section than you might expect, allowing more power to be channelled through the quality carbon blank. Crafted with a multi-directional carbon weave and nanofibre technology, the Horizon X5 blank is all about performance power, whether you're sending your bait out over distance, or bringing big, hard-fighting carp to the net.

Engineered with cutting edge carbon technology, the Horizon X5 is designed for heavy bait loads, heavy hauling, and distance casting, and is a rod every angler should have in their holdall, wherever you're fishing, and whatever species you're targeting.  Manufactured for a lightweight strength and powerful performance, this is a quality carp fishing rod that will stand up to the demands of the most active angling session, and putting you ahead of the game, with an edge on your quarry that you'll instantly appreciate.

Stylishly finished with understated graphics, this is a rod that will serve you well, and a tackle choice you won't regret making.

Order your Fox Horizon X5 online today, and go the distance with your angling ambitions.

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