Jag 316 Stainless Adjustable Buzz Bars 3 rod rear

Option: 3 Rod Front
Sale price£69.99


The Adjustables are very versatile, appealing to a variety of bankside preferences; they are extremely compact when closed, but can also be widened if required. Each bar includes our unique no-loss thumbscrews, no-loss large diameter extending arms, engraved centre boss and built in Ultra-LOC caps for alarm alignment.
The arms incorporate a machined flat that locks totally solid even when fully extended.

The 316 Range is hand built in England by JAG and as the name suggests is manufactured entirely from the finest, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
They are available in two rod and three rod versions.
A neat new feature is the incriments on the arms of the adjustable bars. This is the same feature which can be found on the Black Prolite Adjustable buzz bars. If you want to get your bars even on both side, this little feature will be ideal. 
2-rod adjustable front - Front 5in (127mm) extending to 7.75in (197mm)
Weight 184g

2- rod adjustable rear - Rear 4.5in (114mm) extending to 6.75in (171mm)
Weight 177g

3-rod adjustable front - Front 9.5in (241mm) extending to 17in (432mm)
Weight 268g

3-rod adjustable rear - Rear 8.5in (216mm) extending to 15in (381mm)
Weight 254g

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