JH Baits KLF Black Pepper & Sweet Orange Boilies 15mm 1kg

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Landing many fish to over 60lb in the UK and numerous 50's, lots of 40's and an uncountable amount of 30's in just a short period of time since KLF's release in 2014 Its not hard to understand why more and more top anglers are putting their trust in KLF.

KLF is a great all year round bait and is very Palatable, soluble and highly nutritional, containing optimum levels of proteins, carbs, fats,vitamins, minerals, balanced amino acids and natural Attractors that Carp love and require as part of their daily diet.

KLF has proven to catch fish right from day one, but over time becomes more and more effective as the fish get the full benefit of the nutrition on offer. KLF becomes a natural food source.
Predominantly a Fish meal base including a combination of quality fish meals and Pre-digested Fish meal's, the KLF is packed with quality ingredients such as quality milk proteins, Calf milk replacements, Robin Red, high levels of Green Lipped Mussel & Betaine , a combination of Bird seed and Biscuit mixes ,Krill meals and our incredible KLF liquid Krill. All combined with a gentle crunch factor.
KLF Shelf life has been made with the exact same ingredients and recipe as the KLF Freezer bait with the addition of human grade mold inhibitors to extend its shelf life.
Perfect if freezer space is a issue or for them longer Fishing trips especially those European trips.

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