KORDA Spod Braid

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Fewer wind knots on the cast
Incredibly smooth for fishing at extreme distances
Has a very high knot strength for its low diameter
Exceptionally easy to use
High performance distance casting properties
Extremely hard-wearing

If you’re an angler who uses spod bombs in order to bait their swim then you’ll understand the difficulty in trying to find a line that can cope with the repeated strain of casting heavy bombs huge distances. The team at Korda were just as frustrated with this struggle as you, so they put their heads together in order to create a line that would perform flawlessly with each cast. This Korda Spod Braid was the result.

The Korda Spod Braid has been designed for extreme distance baiting and as such it is incredibly smooth and fantastically thin. This has the added bonus of ensuring that you experience significantly fewer wind knots on the cast (compared to other like for like braids). However, the Korda Spod Braid isn’t only incredible to cast. It is also exceptionally hard wearing and it has an amazing strength to diameter to strength ratio that really needs to be seen to be believed. It also has an impressive knot strength, too, so you won’t find yourself being let down on the bank from weakened knots.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the Korda Spod Braid is its high-visibility fluorescent green colour. This has been designed to enable you to deter seagulls and other such wildlife if you’re trying to surface fish for carp. By casting out with this line before using your throwing stick you’ll be able to ensure that seagulls won’t swoop in and steal your carp’s meal.

Korda recommends using this Korda Spod Braid with a 30lb Arma-Kord shock leader. This is in order to take the force of the cast, and the team find that a back-to-back grinner knot is the best way to attach this to your setup. With 300m on each spool of Korda Spod Braid you’ll be able to spool up your reel more than once – so long as you use a backing on your spool first.

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