KORUM Adjusta Net Handle 1.2m-1.8m

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Adjusting the length of your net has never been easier
Korums revolutionary new Adjusta cam-locking system
Purpose-designed for use with carbon fibre products
Offering reassuring security and strength
Can be used at various lengths
Adjusta system is fitted to a lightweight, super slim and super strong landing net handle
Provides a handle that is both easy to manoeuvre
Powerful enough to be used with larger specimen nets
Finished with Japanese shrink wrap sections
Added for easy grip, even in wet conditions

Purpose designed for use with carbon fibre landing net handles, the Korum Adjusta gives you extra reach, and an edge in those awkward angling situations where a retrieve from the water is the only option, but wading out isn’t practical or possible.

With the Adjusta fitting onto a slender, lightweight, yet exceptionally strong net handle, you can easily manoeuvre your net, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing a fast retrieve and the strength to haul your catch home are both well within reach.

Suitable for larger specimen nets, and offering easy adjustment to your net handle length, the Korum Adjusta is an essential tool for coarse and predator anglers, and an innovative way for anglers with disabilities to ensure they can always handle any retrieve without putting themselves or their catch at risk.

Japanese Shrink Rubber grips ensure you can keep a firm hold of your landing net even when it’s wet, making this a practical choice for any angler.

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