Maver Signature S5 Ready Rig Margin Carp 0.2g

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Maver Signature S5 Margin Carp rigs are the highest quality pole rigs available. Designed by Maver’s vastly experienced consultants and product team specifically for UK commercial fisheries where strength and reliability is paramount. Utilising the finest components including the best selling MT hooks, Smart mono and in-line pole floats.

The Signature S5 are ideal in depths up to 3ft with stronger line direct to a size 14 hook. These are perfect for bagging large weights of carp from the margins.

The hollow bristle is buoyant enough to support baits such as pellet, corn and meat.


0.2g | 0.3g | 0.4g

Rig Details

8.3lb line | size 14 MT5 hook | in-line pole float

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