Middy White Knuckle Thriller V3 8.5m Pole

Sale price£169.99


The White Knuckle Thriller V3 is a power-packed, 8.5 metre package, fully take-apart carbon pole designed for bagging on carp lakes. It is light, responsive, easy to use, it is suitable for margin or mid-pool work and has a super-strong elastic rating of 24.
The pole comes with a ready-elasticated tip section, as well as a free spare top two kit which is also ready-elasticated.
This 3rd generation pole also includes a reversible mini extension to take the pole to an optional 8.5m length.
The balance ratio is an impressive 22.3N at 8m - while the weight value gives you an impression of the pole's quality, it is actually this balance ratio that gives you a true guide to the feel of the pole.
Please note: Sections are not interchangeable with the White Knuckle 6m Whip.

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