MTX1 Power 13.00m Pole Package

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MTX1 Power 13m Package Includes

13m Pole (Includes Match 2 kit in pole)
3x Power 2 kits
1x Ultra rigid cupping kit + 2 groundbait cups
1x Mini Extension
Matrix Pole Holdall (GLU106)

MTX1 Power 13m Pole Details

Superb performance and strength
Built on the same mandrel as the original Nemesis poles
Features MST – Multi Strand Technology
Exclusive Glide anti-friction taped sections
Reinforced sections
Section alignment decal system
Generous kit package
All kits are pre bushed
Match and Power kits fitted with our new Revolve side puller
New design Rigid Cupping Kit and cups
Supplied in tubes and a holdall
Huge range of spares available
Length: 13m
Closed Length: 1800mm
No of sections: 8
Weight @ 13m 940g

Built to the same standard and performance capability as the Nemesis pole range, the MTX1 Power 13m Pole Package from Matrix comes supplied with everything you need to take the edge in a competitive situation.

A Match 2 kit, and three Power 2 top kits, give you speed, strength, and finesse, with the ability to easily change up your tackle and approach depending on the conditions and species you find yourself facing on the day  A mini extension, supplied with the pole package, allows you to work the margins effectively, drawing out the larger, more cautious fish on pressured venues, which often shelter in overhangs, staying out of the way of traditional pole angling approaches. An ultra rigid cupping kit with two groundbait cups allows you to get a precise quantity of mixed bait out to likely spots, relaxing fish into confident feeding patterns, and making them more likely to take your hookbait.

Crafted for performance and strength, and boasting Matrix's impressive multi strand technology, this eight section, thirteen metre match fishing pole is designed to give you the smoothest and most reliable tournament experience you could hope for.  All sections are fully aligned for effortless shipping, and feature anti-friction taping. Reinforced to withstand the challenges of an active match fishing lifestyle, the Matrix MTX1 Power Pole comes pre-bushed, and weighs just 940g at full length, giving you an essential match fishing tackle piece that's easy to handle, with the speed and manoeuvrability that can make all the difference in the closing seconds of a tournament.

An investment in your angling deserves the best possible protection, which is why this pole package from Matrix comes supplied with a deluxe pole holdall, allowing you to store your pole and top kits safely, and easily transport them to any venue, over any conditions.

Whether you're new to match fishing, or an experienced angler looking to add to your arsenal without breaking the bank, this power package from Matrix is a great choice, getting you set up and ready to fish with everything you need for a successful, enjoyable five hours, whatever venue you find yourself on.

At 13m, this pole gives you easy reach on most mid-sized venues, with top kits and extensions bringing an edge to your angling.  A good length for those new to fishing with the pole, 13m poles are easy to handle, and lightweight enough that, even at the end of a five hour tournament, you won't be overly fatigued.

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