NASH Bait STRAWBERRY CRUSH Boilies 18mm 1kg

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One of the most complex attractor packages yet
Uses a blend of three strawberry attractors
Highly soluble ethyl alcohol strawberry
Famed Nash Strawberry Oil Palatant
Traditional glycerol based flavour
Combined with Scopex No.1
The result is a rounded, rich fruit bait
Releases a timeline of attractors in all temperatures
A pastel pink finish prevents spooking on hard venues
High leakage and highly digestible base mix
Boosted with milk powder, low level tiger nut meal
Completed with liver to boost results significantly
Available in multiple weights and sizes

Nash’s Instant Action Strawberry Crush Boilies provides one of the most complex attractor packages, featuring a range of three strawberry attractors, with highly soluble ethyl alcohol strawberry, farmed Nash Strawberry Oil Palatant, and a traditional glycerol based flavour, that combines perfectly with Scopex No. 1, resulting in a rich fruit bait that releases a timeline of attractors, however low the temperature drops. The pastel pink colour ensures that fish aren’t spooked, even in hard-fished venues, while a high leakage of milk powder and low-level tiger nut meal produces a truly irresistible scent trail across the water, with a liver boost to ensure that the carp follow through on their initial stimulation.

Available in a range of weights and sizes to perfectly meet your angling needs, the Nash Instant Action Strawberry Crush Boilies will see you crushing your carp scene all year round.

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