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The unique patented Ball Makers are the ultimate solution to fast and accurate groundbaiting, available in four sizes to make 20, 30, 40 and giant 60mm diameter groundbait balls.

A simple and ingenious tool they mould loose feed like softened pellets or groundbait into compressed balls in seconds. It’s as simple as fill the mould, apply pressure and then eject the finished ball.

The 30 and 60mm Ball Makers feature slotted sides that allow hookbaits, small leads or small feeders to be inserted into the mould, a perfectly formed ball of bait squeezed around them in seconds – able to withstand a cast but then break down quickly to leave attractive feed around your rig.



  1. Fill large cup with bait until level
  2. Insert small cup and push down hard
  3. Push button to release in large cup and remove small cup from large cup
  4. Push button release in small cup to remove bait ball

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