NASH BP-10 Fast Drag Big Pit Reel

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Line guard spool system
Level Wind line lay
Oversized line roller reduces line twist
CNC machined ergonomic handle with isotope slot
Gear ratio 4.9:1

The Nash BP-10 Black features a multi-disc fast drag system. This ensures that you can micro-adjust your spool tensions from free spool to fight mode in less than a single turn.
The handle on the BP-10 Fast Drag Big Pit has been CNC machined for efficient power transmission, meaning that you have to put in less muscle power than you would using other non-CNC machined ergonomic handles. The One Touch Folding Handle has also been fitted with an isotope slot, ideal for use in low light conditions.

The spool on the BP-10 Fast Drag Big Pit offers long casting potential. Constructed from aluminium, the spool is fitted with a line guard and is fitted with dual Spot On line clips. Level Wind line lay ensures that you achieve perfect line lay on the retrieve.

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