NASH Dwarf Shrink 6ft 3lb Carp Rod

Sale price£49.99


Exclusive Nash reel seat with slimline EVA trim
Reverse mounted Minima ringing with anti frap tip guides
Matt black tapered butt cap and black whippings
Tip and butt section alignment markers

The Nash Dwarf Shrink Rod sports a low profile look with the Japanese shrink grips, matt black tapered butt cap and black whippings. The perfect looking rod for stalking from your fishing chair.

Aesthetics aside, the Dwarf Shrink rod boasts slim high performance blanks with a 1K carbon finish to ensure a strong rod, ready for battles with stubborn fish.

This rod also houses an exclusive Nash reel seat with slimline EVA trim that ensures an incredibly durable and hardwearing construct so that your big pit reel is safely attached. To assist in retrieval control, the Dwarf Shrink rod also has reverse mounted minima ringing with anti frap tip guides.

The tip and butt section of the rod have alignment markers to help with a quick and easy construction of the blank parts when at the bankside. The Dwarf Shrink range includes 6ft 2lb and 3lb test curve models for the tightest situations such as boat fishing, with 3.25lb and 3.5lb blanks in the 9ft and 10ft lengths for mainstream big fish applications capable of dealing with the biggest carp and heaviest leads. The 10 foot version of this model also has a test curve option of 3lbs.

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