Nash H-Gun Retract 12ft 3lb Rod

Sale price£69.99


Nash H-Gun Retract Rod 12', The H-Gun Retract rods offer the most user friendly format yet for traditional 12 foot rods. With a reduced packdown of just 155cm (61 inches) thanks to the same market leading Nash retracting butt concept used on Scope and Dwarf. No longer do broken down 12 foot rods need to be transported awkwardly across smaller cars, or tolerated as they constantly poke you in the back of the head whilst travelling. Even getting to your swim is easier, reduced packdown length is a winning formula in every way. Why wouldnt you want the smallest transport length possible for your rods? Based around high modulus, extreme strength carbon blanks with micro engineered fittings for a custom feel, options for 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb test curves cover venues from the smallest to the largest. The heavier 3 and 3.5lb H-Gun Retracts feature 50mm ringing for enhanced distance casting along with anti-frap tip guides. Performance and practicality combined.

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