NASH Hot Water Bottle

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A must have item for comfort in cold weather
Cold feet are a thing of the past!
The compact water bottle slides into a carpy green fleece cover
Features a smart Nash fish embossed logo.
Dimensions: 16cm W x 27cm H

Many anglers are conscious of the unnecessary use of gas to power their bivvy heater and so look for alternatives to keeping warm in the cooler months. Sometimes an extra pair of socks, headwear or even a chunky blanket does not quite cut it.

Nash have the solution with its Tackle Hot Water bottle. Simple to use, you can just boil up the kettle for a brew and use the rest of the hot water to add to this bottle. The bottle is made from rubber, a great insulator of heat so that the water stays warm for longer and can be used as a heat pack on your body.

Whether you add the hot water bottle to your sleeping bag to keep those feet warm or under a big hooded jumper when sitting on your chair, you will certainly feel better with the warmth a hot water bottle can give off. For anglers that suffer from back pains, this is also a great solution to relief some of those aches when at the bank!

The compact water bottle slides into a carpy green fleece cover so that the rubber does not irritate or burn your skin. This sleeve also features a smart Nash fish embossed logo. The dimensions of the bottle are 16cm W x 27cm H.

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