NASH Logix Barrow Low Loader

Sale price£99.99


Purpose designed low profile barrow storage, keeping the weight of your kit evenly distributed on the load base of a barrow. Two main compartments feature high protect EVA tops and bases, protecting tackle from weight and impact when additional items like quivers and rods sit above them, also helping maintaining shape even when partially loaded.

Three sided zips allow the main compartments to be opened fully to see all the contents, and front access pockets for main compartments allow you to add or remove kit under a bed or when your kit is loaded on a barrow with items above it. No more unnecessary unloading to get to items you forgot you needed. Two full length side pockets carryrig boxes or bank sticks and buzzer bars, keeping them quickly to hand.

Heavy duty, reinforced grab handles make lifting on and off a barrow easier, and a padded adjustable and removable shoulder strap allows the Barrow Low Loader to be carried over your shoulder if required.

Dimensions: 25cm (h) x 76cm (w) x 42cm (d)

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