NASH Refresh Water Bucket

Sale price£27.99


Concertina style fold at bucket
Side handle for easier filling
Keeps carp wetted, doubles as a groundbait bowl
Can also be used as a dog drinking bowl
Great for checking rig buoyancy
Heavy duty PVC lining and wipe clean base

The Nash Refresh Water Bucket from the 2020 range offers a bucket perfect for storing lake water close to your fish unhooking mat or cradle. The idea is that the fresh lake water is a cooling refreshment to the fish you are unhooking, examinging, weighing and more whilst it is temporary out of the lake.

The Nash water bucket has a concertina style fold and a side handle for easier filling from the lake. In hot tempertures it is important to empty and refil the bucket often so that you are not pouring warm or even hot water over the fish on your mat.

Not only does this bucket keep carp wetted, but it doubles up as a groundbait bowl so you can mix and store your baits to make up those PVA bags or achieve certain rigging presentations. The bucket is also great for checking rig buoyancy. If you bring your four-legged friend to the bank with you for a days fishing, the bucket can also be used as a dog drinking bowl!

The bucket is made from heavy duty PVC lining and sports a wipe clean base for easy maintenance when finished using.

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