NASH Retainer Sling Monster

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Improved water exchange and faster drying
Full length buoyancy aids keep carp visible and upright at all times
Reflective marker tabs for easy location under torchlight
Velcro pocket containing retention cord and threaded bankstick attachment
Metal eyelets for weighing accuracy
Lightweight for easier zeroing of scales
Dimensions: 120cm L x 48cm D x 44cm W

The Nash Retainer Sling Monster 2020 allows anglers to slowly place a fish in the water to adjust to the temperature before being released fully back to its watery home. This helps to cause minimal stress and damage to a fish’s wellbeing.

The classic Nash design is made from mesh to reduce the weight of the sling and improve the water exchange for the carp’s comfort when in the water. A bonus of this mesh material is that is dries incredibly fast so when you are packing away you do not need to worry about the rest of your luggage getting soaked from lake debris.

The sling also has marker tabs that allow an easy location under torchlight when fishing in poor light conditions. There is a Velcro pocket that stores the rotproof retention cord and threaded bankstick attachment. The locking oversized zip on the top of the sling prevents chances of carp escaping, and causing damage to themselves. In addition, the full length buoyancy aids keeping carp visible and upright at all times.

If that was not enough, this sling can also be used to weigh your fish on your scales using the metal eyelets for weighing accuracy. The dimensions of the sling are 120cm L x 48cm D x 44cm W, fitting larger monster carps.

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