Nash Tackle WEIGH Sling

Sale price£39.99


Strong, carp friendly support for the biggest fish
Heavy duty weigh sling for weighing carp and other species of fish
Extra strength aluminium bars for strong support
Centralising rings guarantee scales settle correctly
Multiple drainage holes
Heavy duty zips
Dimensions: 116cm L x 65cm D

The favoured and safest way of cradling and weighing larger catches is to use a weigh sling which offers strong, carp friendly support for even the biggest of specimen carp.

The main support bars of the weigh sling are aluminium, offering perfect balance, the centralising rings guarantee even weight distribution, allowing you to get an accurate reading every time.

The sling also benefits from multiple drainage holes, aiding you when lifting the sling out of the water. Slings with slow drainage are heavy with water for longer, making the task of weighing your latest catch much more difficult, but that is not the case with the Nash Tackle Weigh Sling.

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