Nash Webcast Ultra Weave PVA

Option: Wide 37mm x 4 metres
Sale price£8.99


The choice for small feed particles like fry crumb and micro pellets the slightly extended breakdown time of Webcast Ultra Weave guarantees your feed remains tightly grouped around the rig even in deep waters and in summer water temperatures or if you wish to straighten a rig out on the bottom.

Like Webcast PVA the Ultra Weave is supplied on a dispenser tube that fits inside bait boxes commonly used for storing bag and stick fillings, and comes complete with a loading plunger for aerodynamic bags.

  • Versatile micro weave PVA mesh perfect for smaller feeds and maggots
  • Slightly extended breakdown for deeper water, warmer temperatures and pulling back
  • Available in 2 diameters: Wide 37mm and Narrow 23mm
  • 4 metres of mesh on each dispenser
  • Shorter bait box friendly dispenser tube with loading plunger

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