Preston Banjo Method Feeder Small

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These feeders are an evolution from Preston's popular Dura Banjo feeders, and are the perfect option for carp, skimmers and F1's when you want to protect your feed more than on a standard Method feeder. They feature a weight forward, more streamlined design that makes them a better choice for fishing accurately at range. As with the original Banjos, these are also made with the Preston ‘interchange system’ that allows you to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig.

The Banjo XR moulds ensure that you use the correct amount of bait every time. Simply add either pellets or groundbait to the top of the mould, insert the relevant size of Banjo XR feeder and then compress using the two wings situated on the side of the mould. Press the button at the bottom to release, and the bait will be perfectly compressed in the feeder and ready to cast out.

Available in small, medium and large sizes to match the corresponding Banjo XR feeder sizes.

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