RidgeMonkey Double Towel Set

Sale price£9.99


Not content with simply churning out a standard angling towel emblazoned with the RidgeMonkey logo, the team has invested serious time and money into discovering exactly what anglers need from their towel on the bank. This is why there are two towels of differing sizes in this set.

The first is a large towel, which is somewhat larger than your standard hand towel and offers dimensions of 750mm x 400mm.
This is the perfect towel to have in position by your unhooking mat, allowing you to wipe down your hands between contact with your fish and contact with your gear ensuring that your potentially expensive camera or smart phone remains completely mucus-free.

The second towel in the range is a small towel, with dimensions of 400mm x 250mm.
This is roughly the size of a traditional tea-towel and it is ideal for storage in your luggage. Whether you use it to dry out your cooking equipment between uses on the bank or you use it as a hand towel for cleaning your hands after handling baits, it is perfect for you.

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