Solar SP Retainer/Weigh Sling Large

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Quick-drain mesh sections in the bottom
Full-length floatation tubes with reflective strips
Will accommodate even the biggest of carp
Features double zips
Incredible, reflective cord
Neatly housed in a separate, zipped pouch
Located on the front of the sling when not in use
Dimensions (m) 1.05 x 0.55 x 0.23
Supplied with a storage bag
Ultra-strong, fish-friendly material

The SP Weigh Retainer Sling from Solar Tackle allows you to do just that and with several clever features it does so with the safety of the fish being the principle concern. With dimensions of 1.05m x 0.55m x 0.23m the sling is large enough to house the biggest of carp comfortably, the ultra-strong, fish friendly mesh material will cradle your latest catch and keep it in pristine condition ready for a photo at first light.

Full length floatation tubes complete with reflective strips line the top of the sling and help suspend the sling in the water, a reflective cord, which is housed in a separate zipped pocket suspended on the front of the sling, can also be utilised to secure your sling to a nearby snag or tree.

On lifting the sling out of the water, the quick-drain mesh in the bottom section will do exactly that, drain quickly, ensuring that no unnecessary weight from the water is added to the sling in addition to the weight of the magnificent carp housed within the sling.

The Solar Sling is supplied in a smart storage bag and utilises strong, durable double zips complete with Solar branding

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