Solar Undercover Camo Brolly System

Sale price£264.99


Thanks to the low-profile hub system, this Oval brolly maximises internal space and head room. Made from 10,000 HH camo material, the front of the brolly features a rain gutter, twin storm poles and front support bar. There are multiple door options with full fabric and mozzi-mesh, which can also be set-up letter-box style, roll-back sides and the entire front infil panel can also be removed.

The drop-down rib extensions on the sides remove the need to fit short storm poles on the side of the brolly. There is a mozzi-mesh vent in the rear for improved air flow. Supplied with heavy-duty pegs, storm poles and an over-sized carry bag.

- 10,000 HH Camo fabric
- Rain gutter on the front to direct rain water off to the sides
- Mozzi-mesh air-vent in the rear
- Two Velcro rod straps on the front
- Seven-spoke hub system with maximum head room thanks to the low-profile hub
- Supplied with heavy-duty pegs
- Drop-down rib extensions (removable)
- Multiple door options with full fabric, mozzi-mesh, roll-back sides
- Front can be completely removed
- Dimensions (m): 264cm x 150cm x 150cm
- Weight: 10.5kg

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